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    Study in Denmark

    Scandinavian study team consists only of former or current students from one of the universities in Denmark. That is why we can provide you relevant information regarding free university education and life in Denmark. Study in Denmark with Scandinavian study!





    Great reasons for studying in Denmark:

    Education in English held in an international environment
    Part of the education is an Internship in organisations around the world
    Education focus is on a real problem solving through working on real projects
    No tuition fees for EU citizens
    Informal and friendly relationship between students and teachers
    Quality assurance – Denmark is at the top in the quality of education
    Possibility of a part time job




    You can also start your studies from February!





    Our partner universities are among the leading educational institutions in Denmark. We ourselves are university graduates from one of our partner universities in Denmark, and thanks to our previous personal experiences from Denmark, we can help the potential students taking their first steps towards a successful future.


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