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Aalborg University offers the following programmes:

Campus Esbjerg

Bachelor degree:

Master degree:

Campus Copenhagen
Bachelor degree:


Campus Aalborg



Aalborg University application procedure


IT, Communication and New Media (Copenhagen):

  1. Upper secondary school exam
  2. Mathematics A
  3. Physics B
  4. Chemistry C
  5. English B

Medialogy (Copenhagen, Esbjerg, Aalborg):

  1. Upper secondary school exam
  2. Mathematics B
  3. English B

Art & Technology (Aalborg):

  1. Upper secondary school exam
  2. Mathematics B
  3. English B
  4. History B
  5. A second foreign language – B-level if studied since primary school, A-level if studied at upper secondary school only

Please note – if you want to apply for admission to one of the six complete bachelor programmes (from first semester) (Art and Technology; IT, Communication and New Media; Medialogy; Sustainable Biotechnology; Economics and Business Administration; Electronic and Computer Engineering) you MUST apply for admission via the Coordinated Enrolment System (KOT and KOT application form) and in accordance to their deadlines.

Checklist when submitting an application for first semester of a undergraduate programme. A complete application consists of these seven parts:

1. One priority form.

2. An application form for each programme you are applying for.

3. Your diploma (a copy) in the original language.

4. Your diploma (a copy) translated into English and verified by your school. If you do not have a diploma at the time of applying, you must submit a preliminary diploma/school transcript translated into English and verified by your school.

5. Proof of English proficiency (a recognized language test).

6. Verification of subjects etc. You must use the Verification Form if the following facts do not appear on your diploma: a) the subjects taught during the final three years at upper secondary school, b) grades in each subject during the final three years and c) number of hours of instruction (1 hour = 60 minutes) during the final three years.

7. A copy of your passport.

Only complete applications consisting of these seven parts will be taken into consideration.


When applying for a master at Aalborg University the student should fill in an online application form.

Entry Requirements for International Students

Please note: all international applicants must fill in the online application form and send the printed version and required enclosures by regular mail.Enclosures to be submitted along with the printed version of the online application form:

In order to be considered for admission to Aalborg University, you must send the following documents in accordance with the deadlines:

  • date and sign the printed version of the online application form
  • officially verified copies of certificates and academic transcripts, including your final grade average with an explanation of grading system (maximum grade, minimum grade, etc.)
  • if your final certificate and final year transcripts are not yet available, please submit an official provisional certificate and transcript or an official letter from your home university, listing the remaining subjects and the expected grades as well as the expected final grade average
  • The official language requirements for international students applying to Aalborg University are:IELTS (academic test): ** 6.5 www.ielts.org orTOEFL (paper-based): * 550 www.toefl.org orTOEFL (computer-based):* 230 www.toefl.org. orTOEFL (internet-based):* 80 www.toefl.org orCambridge ESOL: * C1 http://www.cambridgeesol.org/The test has to be less than two years old, otherwise  cannot be accepted.

Please note: if you apply for a full Bachelor programme in English via KOT you need to fulfill these language requirements

** Original or verified copy of original.Please note that the official required English proficiency tests at Aalborg University are IELTS, TOEFL and Cambridge ESOL. Therefore, the professors/study coordinators may admit you on condition that you pass a test regardless of having already submitted the results of another English proficiency test.Furthermore, please note the following:

  • a verification of all documents will be accepted only if performed by the institution that has issued the original document, by the Embassy or Consulate in your home country or by a public notary
  • if the enclosed documents are not in English, officially verified translations must be included
  • forwarded documents will not be returned to you. Therefore, do not submit any original documents


  • Original verified copied of certificates and academic transcripts. NOTE: copies of the original will be accepted only if they are re-verified by either the institution that has issued the original document, by the Embassy or Constulate in your home country or by a notary public
  • References/recommendations (in English) from your home university
  • IELTS, TOEFL or Cambridge ESOL test (either the original test score result or a verified copy)
  • 1 passport size photo (approximately 1.2X1.2 inches)
  • For Erasmus students: learning agreement

Please note that all enclosures must be forwarded together with the printed version of the online application form and not separately.

Note that you must send the printed version of the online application form together with the requested enclosures by regular mail to International Office in accordance to the deadlines.

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