Multicultural week

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Friday, 30 November 2012
UCN Lindholm Brygge 35, Auditorium A and B
Are you very proud of your country and want to show the world how special it is? Sure you are! Because there are over one thousand international students at UCN, the

Event Aambassadors team has planned a special event for you to have the chance to showcase your country.There are some nice prizes for all those getting involved or simply participating at the International Day.
1. Best overall stand (design, most interaction with the public, etc): Full day swimming pool tickets (including saunas and jacuzzi) + food
2. Participating teams (quiz+other games): Lunch at Casa Blanca, all-you-can-eat buffet
3. Audience awards (quiz test): 3 prizes X double cinema ticketsYou can participate either in a team, or just show up and check out what your fellow students have prepared for you. In order to join a team, use the following link: the country you’re from, and write down your name. Each country has one stand, with a minimum of 3 people, and maximum of 6. NB! If they are more than 6 people applying for a country, we will pick the 6 on a first-come-first-served basis. So be fast and put your name down there!
Deadline for applying is 27’th Nov, 12:00.

The UCN Drama Club and Dance Club will both perform on the event, so be sure not to miss the hard work they’ve put in for you.

A bit of inspiration for the teams that participate and have a stand: you can cook traditional national food, teach others national dances, paint yourself in your flag’s colors, dress, act, sing, bring postcards, photos, flags, play games, give national drinks for tasting, tell about famous people, natural beauties, fun facts, etc.

Your imagination is the only limit here!

To add a bit of fun, even the audience is encouraged to paint, dress, dance, whatever they want to do for increasing their country’s chances to win.

See you next Friday!