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    Partner Universities in Denmark


    Zealand Institute of Business and Technology

    ZIBAT is a regional academy in the Zealand region of Denmark where you can also find the capital city – Copenhagen. Besides the Director’s office in the city of Koge, educational programmes and other activities are offered in different regional highly specialized campuses in the Zealand region – Koge, Nastved, Nykobing Falster, Roskilde and Slagelse – offering programmes for a steadily growing number of International students. The biggest advantage is its location close to the capital of Denmark .Today, 1,800 students are studying at the ZIBAT campuses.


    VIA TEKO Design College


    TEKO is Scandinavia’s largest design and management college within the fashion and lifestyle industry. More than 1100 young people are studying a vocational or a higher education within the areas such as clothing and textiles or furniture and furnishings. TEKO has a close relationship to the companies within the industry, and it has been educating the manpower that international lifestyle companies need. TEKO offers education programmes in all areas in a company’s production, whether it is design, purchasing or sales. The close ties between theory and practice means that a graduate from TEKO has good opportunities for getting a job. Danish fashion and lifestyle companies are to a large extent employing graduates from TEKO.


    Business Academy Aarhus

    Business Academy Aarhus offers  Academy Profession (AP) and Bachelor’s degree programmes. All the programmes are practice-oriented higher education programmes. That means the combination of theory and practice, and that theories taught enable you to solve practical problems. Business Academy Aarhus is taking part in a project that focuses on retaining their international students in Denmark after they graduate their educational programme. The aim of the project is to create a stronger link between the businesses in Region Midt and the international students and graduates that attend or have attended an educational programme in Region Midt. Most businesses are not aware of the unexploited resource that the many international students in the region represent. Therefore the chief purpose is to strengthen the connection between the businesses in the region and potential candidates from the educational institutions with focus on both spare time job, internship positions and employment after graduation.


    University College of Northern Denmark

    University College of Northern Denmark - logo

    UCN Technology & Business offers professional academic programmes to students who need quick access to a business career, and UCN reaches their goals through modern teaching approach, high quality learning facilities, and committed staff and students.

    UCN Technology & Business is a dynamic and innovative training institution that focuses on high quality education with an emphasis on professional skills and personal competences. From business to hospitality, IT and technology, every one of their programmes are designed to develop the skills that employers are looking for – the focus is on applied management skills meaning that are not only teached by theories but also make sure you know how to use them in real life companies.

    University College Northern Denmark awards Professional Bachelor Degrees and AP Degrees according to Danish national legislation, all accredited by EVA, The Danish Evaluation Institute. In addition, UCN offers Ongoing and Further Education from day seminars tailored for specific organisations and professionals to Diplomas at the BA-level.


    Aalborg University

    Aalborg University is a young and modern university which, over the last years has grown to become a large, well-established research and teaching institution.  Aalborg University offers a range of both traditional and not traditional educational programmes in different areas such as Humanities, Social Sciences, Medicine, Natural Sciences and Engineering. Since its foundation in 1974, Aalborg University has extended to include Esbjerg Engineering College (integrated in the University in 1995), which was followed by the establishment of the School of Welcome to Aalborg University Architecture & Design in 1996, the inauguration of the Copenhagen Campus in 2003, the establishment of the School of Medicine in 2006 and, most recently, the integration of the National Building Research Institute in 2007.

    Close to 14,600 students are enrolled at Aalborg University, ranging from students undertaking courses, Bachelor’s and Master’s to candidates studying professional programmes as well as Ph.D. students. 12 percent of them are international students from all over the world.  Aalborg University has all the facilities that define a modern university. The laboratories are state-of-the-art. The university libraries provide access for students to English-language journals and technical books. A unique feature of the university is that most students have their own group room. The group room is your base where you can work on your project without interruptions. For many students, the group room also serves as a place for any social venue. Aalborg University currently develops its profile as a dynamic and innovative research and educational institution oriented towards the surrounding world. It is characterized by combining a keen engagement in local, regional, and national issues with an active commitment to the international collaboration.


    Lillebaelt Academy

    Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education is Southern Denmark’s largest business academy offering a wide range of AP Degree Programmes and Bachelor Programmes for fulltime students. Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education also offers AP and diploma degree programmes for those who are employed and need competency training – prrogrammes within all areas of Danish business from IT, technology, economics, trade, nutrition and service/hospitality. Currently, Lillebaelt Academy can offer 18 2-2½-year academy programmes, 9 3½-4-year bachelor programmes and more than 15 AP and diploma degree programmes.

    Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education was established 1 January 2009 by the merging of branches of higher education formerly under the auspices of Tietgen Business College, SDE College, Kold College and Vejle Business College. This merging has provided a new and strong institution with a very large and diverse range of competence and development potential. This is both in relation to the development of new educational programmes and in relation to cooperation with industry and commerce in Region South Denmark and research institutions in Denmark and abroad, which in future will play an even greater role in professionally directed higher education.



    Dania previously known as The Danish Business Academy Minerva, was founded in 1989. The Academy is located in new and modern buildings on the southern edge of Randers. It offers excellent study facilities to its 500 students, including the latest IT equipment and 24-hour access to the IT center. It has strong links with the regional businesses and industry, which is also involved in developing academy’s educational programmes. Through a case work, visiting companies and a 3 months’ internship students gain valuable experiences that give them the best possible start in their future careers.


    VIA Horsens

    200px-ViaUniversityCollege-2VIA University College offers a wide range of opportunities for your future. More than 4000 of students are part of thiscampus of VIA Horsens,mwhere you can find mainly business and technology oriented study programmes.

    VIA Horsens also offers the possibility to apply for an accommodation directly in the school area, where you can also find a student bar „Waterhole“. There you can meet students of all programmes, which is a perfect opportunity to make yourself new friends.


    International Business Academy


    International Business Academy is a major higher education institution in the heart of Denmark. It is offering programmes in business, marketing, finance, management, entrepreneurship and design. This institution has more then 100 years of tradition. The IBA is synonymous with high-quality international business education.

    IBA’s degrees cover a wide range of levels: AP (2 year Foundation), BA, Master’s and MBA. The IBA study programmes combine a solid academic and theoretical foundation with the latest learning and teaching methods including multi-disciplinary, project/case-based, group work, blended learning practical experience. They are delivered full-time, part-time or by e-learning.

    The IBA works closely with companies and other organisations in Denmark and throughout the world. They offer degrees validated by the Danish Education Ministry and by two modern and innovative universities in the UK.


    Business Academy South West


    Business Academy South West (BASW) is one of the largest business academies in Denmark. It offers AP, BA top-up and BA programmes such as Financial Management, Innovation, Marketing management, Computer Science and more.

    Two main campuses are located in Esbjerg and Sønderborg. Every campus has is own „International Office“, which helps international studenst with their life in the beginnings and during the studies in Denmark.

    BASW works closely with industry and commerce and has a strong international profile. Study programmes are based on a combination of theory and practice, and throughout your studies you will enjoy close cooperation with the business world, e.g. via guest lectures and company visits. Being a Danish institution BASW constantly works with innovation as keys to success.


    KEA Design and Technology

    Copenhagen – the capital of Denmark, more than 4700 students, 60 nationalities and 12 study programmes – welcome to the Copenhagen School of Design and Technology. Taking part in international projects, KEA is on its way to get its attention and grow even more. Have a look at CHARRETTE or ECOweeek.

    projects created by KEAs‘ own students. Choose between multimedia design, jewellery, technology and business, economics, architecture, software or web development and much more. And have a hand in one of KEAs’ projects in the future, too!

    Interested in studying at KEA already? You can choose between 12 campuses. Every one of them has its own functions and its placement is influenced by the location in which it operates. Visit the campuses and feel the different atmosphere of a nobless part Hallerup or „hipster“ Nørrebro, where is the majority of campuses located. In August 2013, KEA opened its new campus also in Guldbergsgade, where more than 2000 students are already studying.


    Copenhagen Business Academy


    Learning is based on interaction between students and lecturers and conducted in small classes. Methods alternate between theoretical overview, lectures, exercises, cases and interdisciplinary projects coupled with individual tutoring. The contact between students and lecturers is very informal and the academy will expect you to be proactive while working in smaller groups.Copenhagen Business Academy is a state funded and self-governing business academy located in and around the Danish capital. The academy offers business and IT education. The programmes are taught in English and classes are comprised of both Danish and international students.Copenhagen Business Academy focuses on teaching you what is relevant to your future career. Therefore, the academy values its affiliation with the business community and integrate internship in every programme.

    The campuses are located in and near Copenhagen which has plenty to offer in respect to both international and national companies. Copenhagen is a great place to launch an international career.


    Info Aarhus University/

    Aarhus University

    This modern university was established at 1628 and since then it became one of the top 100 large learning institutions around the world (for instance in QS World University Ranking). Aarhus University has a name of an attractive place to study at and attracts the best students, teachers and partners from the whole world.

    Over 44500 students enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of AU, 10% of that are students from abroad of more than 100 different nationalities. AU truly values their presence, because they believe they are a great contribution to achieving a high quality level of education.

    AU offers a wide range of Bachelor and Master programmes in English in different areas such as business, management, economics and marketing. Find the list of programmes taught in Aarhus and Herning Below. The diploma gained at the AU will be a great start to your professional career in a research area, industry or public sector.

    Among the educational programmes, there are more activities which AU is focused on, such as “Talent Development” and “Knowledge exchange”. The university truly stands for its concept, which is to create new, dynamic career paths for young researchers and to provide a solid education and other academic activities to all the students who are motivated, passionate and enjoy challenges.


    NEW! Study in SWEDEN at Jönköping University



    Jönköping International Business School has been ranked the most international school in Sweden by the company URANK. There are 10 000 students enrolled at the university, of whom 1500 are internationals from around 60 different countries and students can choose from a big variety of countries where to do an exchange during their studies. The university focuses on teaching a lot of practical knowledge, which helps students to get familiar with real work setting. The university has its own Science Park for those students, who would like to establish their own Start-Up and need help and guidance in the beginning.

    Jönköping International Business School was ranked as one of the TOP 0.1% business schools in the world and is the only one with both accreditations EQUIS and AACSB in Sweden. Accommodation Guarantee – the university guarantees accommodation for all newly arriving students, provided that they apply for it in advance. The university gives great emphasis on innovation and cooperates with more than 800 companies, within the business focused programmes. If you meet all the entry requirements, except for the english requirement, you can enroll in a ‘Pathway programme’. After finishing it, you can be conditionally accepted to your chosen programme.The university is situated directly in the city centre, next to a beautiful lake Vättern.



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