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  • Business Academy Aarhus.

    Business Academy Aarhus

    Business Academy Aarhus offers  Academy Profession (AP) and Bachelor’s degree programmes. All the programmes are practice-oriented higher education programmes. That means the combination of theory and practice, and that theories taught enable you to solve practical problems. Business Academy Aarhus is taking part in a project that focuses on retaining their international students in Denmark after they graduate their educational programme. The aim of the project is to create a stronger link between the businesses in Region Midt and the international students and graduates that attend or have attended an educational programme in Region Midt. Most businesses are not aware of the unexploited resource that the many international students in the region represent. Therefore the chief purpose is to strengthen the connection between the businesses in the region and potential candidates from the educational institutions with focus on both spare time job, internship positions and employment after graduation.


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