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  • Copenhagen Business Academy.

    Copenhagen Business Academy


    Learning is based on interaction between students and lecturers and conducted in small classes. Methods alternate between theoretical overview, lectures, exercises, cases and interdisciplinary projects coupled with individual tutoring. The contact between students and lecturers is very informal and the academy will expect you to be proactive while working in smaller groups.Copenhagen Business Academy is a state funded and self-governing business academy located in and around the Danish capital. The academy offers business and IT education. The programmes are taught in English and classes are comprised of both Danish and international students.Copenhagen Business Academy focuses on teaching you what is relevant to your future career. Therefore, the academy values its affiliation with the business community and integrate internship in every programme.

    The campuses are located in and near Copenhagen which has plenty to offer in respect to both international and national companies. Copenhagen is a great place to launch an international career.


    AP degrees:

    BA degree Top-up:

    Cphbusiness consist of five campuses located in the Greater Copenhagen Area and North Zealand. International programmes are taught at three of the campuses; Lyngby, Nørrebro and Valby. Each campus has its own traits.

    Campus Lyngby

    The campus in Lyngby is situated in the northern part of Copenhagen, 12 km from the center of Copenhagen in scenic surroundings close to the beaches of Bellevue.

    The campus is a small friendly community for both Danish and international students. It is a socially active place with a popular
    on-site bar and facilities which allow students to organize sports events.

    Campus Nørrebro

    The campus at Nørrebro is located close to the city center of Copenhagen on a lively pedestrian area in the vibrant district Nørrebro. The area is a cultural and colourfull hub and offers many opportunities for shopping, dining and cultural experiences.

    The campus building is a recently renovated old factory building which houses the first incubator for students at Copenhagen Business Academy.

    Campus Valby

    The campus in Valby is located in a charming area of Copenhagen with access to two major parks. It is an area which grows constantly and expands its cultural offers and shopping opportunities every year.

    The campus building is shared with the Hospitality College and provides plenty of opportunities for collaboration within the areas of hotel, catering and management.

    Copenhagen in a nutshell

    In Copenhagen, you will find everything you would expect in a modern metropolitan area. Around 1.7 million people live in the Greater Copenhagen Area.

    Many respected media outlets such as the New York Times and Wallpaper have repeatedly pointed out Copenhagen as one of the trendiest cities in the world, as well as a city where the quality of life is sky high. Emphasized are the city’s many trendy caffees, clean streets along with world-class design and architecture.

    Furthermore, the area offers a very safe and peaceful place to live compared to many other large cities in the world. The crime rate is very low in Denmark. Last but not least almost everyone speaks English in Denmark.