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  • Dania Academy.

    Dania Academy of Higher Education

    Dania, previously known as The Danish Business Academy Minerva, was founded in 1989. The Academy is located in new and modern buildings in cities of  Randers and Viborg. Dania offers excellent study facilities to its students, including the latest IT equipment and 24-hour access to the IT center. The Academy has strong links with the regional businesses and industry, which is also involved in developing academy’s educational programmes. Through a case work, visiting companies and a 3 months’ internship students gain valuable experiences that give them the best possible start in their future careers.

    See also the webpage of the university HERE.

    You can find photos of city of Randers HERE  and photos of school campus in Randers HERE.


    Programmes in campus RANDERS

    AP Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management
    AP Degree in Marketing Management
    Bachelor (BA) in International Hospitality Management

    Programmes in campus VIBORG

    AP Degree in Marketing Management
    AP Degree in IT Technology